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 Insulation of coil in motors transformers. Relays and contactors, HT cable terminals, HT cables jointing inter layer insulations, reinforcement of slot linners, coding Bus Bars, jumper arms, splicing of colour negative films, wrapping capacitors, coil protections edge holding of slots linners, anchoring, reinforcing battery cell etc. These tapes are used for B class and F class insulation for temperature 130 deg and 150 deg C


Double side polyester film tape is a chemical fastening system incorporating in its structure a strong membrane, which imports additional tensile strength and dimensional stability. It is designed for general-purpose application where high tack and strong bond are desired. It is suitable for a very broad range of bonding applications in the gaskets. Seal and trim lamination fields. It has an excellent balance of economy v/s performance. Substrate may include cork, rubber. Foamed plastics such as polystyrene etc. rigid plastic such as ABS, hi-impact styrene and vinyl's. This tape has high die-cuttability lamination and bonding, die cutting/punching of irregular shapes, splicing and grinding. Holding interlayer insulation. Mounting of terminals blocks etc.


Resistance to abrasion and the ability to withstand temp of upto 180 deg c for a limited period makes polyester silicon tape suitable for protecting gold plated edge connectors during roller tinning processes. After use, the thermostable adhesive ensures that the tape can be removed cleanly and easily. The tape can be also used for protecting edge connectors during flow process. The level of adhesion of the tape is such that it is not affected by immersion in chemical baths and tape is chemically inert so that the bath do not become contaminated by it. Used in mask off those contacts and other critical areas on printed circuit boards. It provides quick, efficient removal with virtually no adhesion residue even after exposure to the extreme temperature of wave soldering.