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Industrial Tapes

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Our company TAPE TECHNOLOGY, was established in 2005 for Specialty Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Tapes for Industrial Application . The factory is located at Hesaraghata Road, INDIA on the outskirts of Bangaluru City. TAPE TECHNOLOGY, manufactures a Foam Adhesive Tapes and is geared up to meet import substitution and develop a new products to fulfill special requirement of Industry. Striving to provide customers with perfect tape based on the quality policy of Customer Orientation to meet customers’ satisfaction Today, we have successfully built a good reputation in various market segments. A wide network has also been established in exporting our products to UAE, Singapore, Sri Lanka… etc. We manufacture competitive Self Adhesive XLPE Foam, CXLPE Foam, Nitrile Foam, PU Foam, EPDM Foam, Thermal and Acoustic Insulation and etc.

The major industrial segments catered to by TAPE TECHNOLOGY includes:
Control Panels – Gasket, Heat Transfer.
Ducting – Acoustic and Thermal Insulation
Automotive – Vibration, Masking, Water Arresting, Sealing Gaps, Cushioning and Insulation
Electronics – PCB, Capacitors, Picture Tubes
Leather – Shoe upper, Garments.
Appliance – Refrigerator . TV’s and Air Conditioner.
Others - Medical Packaging, Surgical Drapes, Anti-Rattle , Floor Underlayment, Floatation, Case Inserts, Protective Packaging, Building Materials, Anti-Skid Pads and Seals. Splicing, Decals and Aviation Etc.

We are specialized in Thermal and Acoustic Insulation. Our main Products are Polyester tapes, Glass Cloth Tapes, Nylon Tapes, Kapton Tapes, Nomex Tapes, Teflon Tape, Creep Masking Tapes, Holding Tape, Surface Protection Tape, Aluminium Tapes, Copper Tapes, Single Side & Double Side Foam Tapes, Single Side & Double Side Cotton Tapes, Waterproof and Non Waterproof Cloth Tapes, Double Side Tissue Tapes, Double Side Polyester Tapes, Rayon Tapes, Acetate Tapes, Friction Cloth Tapes, Fire Retardant Tape, Metallised Tapes, Polypropylene Clear, Vinyl Coated Cotton Cloth, Polyester Film/ Non-woven Tape, Polyester Film Glass Filament, Flat Kraft Paper, Adhesive Transfer Tapes, PVC Insulation Tapes, BOPP Packaging Tape - Plain & Printed Tapes, Wire Harnessing Tapes, Secura Tapes (Theft Prevention) Tapes, Cello Tapes, Eyelet Reinforcement Tapes, Single Sided and Double Sided Release Coated Tapes, Double Sided Non-Woven Tapes, Hot Air Leveling tapes, Sequencer Tape, Shoe Tapes, Label application Tape, Lithographic Tape, Sealking Tapes, Nylon - White & Black Tape, Gold Plating Tape, Silver Duct Tapes, and many other speciality tapes for your evaluation.

With our experience in development we are capable of responding to all non-standard requirements of customer’s. Our area of strength is understanding the customers, technical requirement and delivering quality product “time after time”.